October 26, 2009

From Online Classes comes this article about the Top 10 Plagiarism Scandals of All Time.  While their choices may be debatable, all make for profitable discussion about plagiarism, documentation and interpretation of fair use laws.  Check them out.



October 2, 2009

Much of the content of these pages is now being mirrored on the Gelman Library webiste.  A Writing in the Disciplines Library  Guide has been created to help students enrolled in WID classes through all aspects of the writing process in a variety of disciplines.  Please visit that site for the most up to date content.

What We Are

August 3, 2009

Welcome to  WID Studio: STUDENTS, your connection to the best on the web of writing and research resources.

Content – This  site consists of articles, handouts, and tutorials on researching responsibly and writing  in today’s digital environment. All resources are presented with annotations and a roll-over window to give you a mini snapshot of the resource.

Finding Resources – You can search for resources three ways: 1) tag cloud (the larger the font, the more resources), or 2) search box, or 3) dropdown list of resources (organized by category) .

Interaction – You are invited to comment on the resources in the reply box at the bottom of every page and every resource. The more people add comments, the useful the resources will become to GW students.

ABOUT THE WID STUDIO: The WID Studio is brought to you by the University Writing Program and the Columbia College of Arts & Science at The George Washington University. For more information, contact Professor Katherine Larsen <klarsen@gwu.edu>.