February 2, 2008

In academic writing, there are writing conventions for integrating a direct quotation into your writing.  The resources below will help you properly integrate quotes into your writing.

Quotations  [E-HANDOUT]
The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This handout explains when one should quote, how to set up a direct quotation, how much to quote,  and how to use quotation marks. 

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing [E-HANDOUT]
The OWL at Purdue

This e-handout examines how to integrate sources by examining when to quote, paraphrase, or summarize the source. 

Bedford Research Room

This tutorial walks the user through how to integrate sources through direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries.  Each section includes examples from student writing, but there are no interactive elements in this tutorial.